Fight Office Sluggishness: 3 Reasons to Work With Healthy Cafeteria Vendors


cafeteria service providersIs your workplace feeling a little lethargic lately? Motivating your workers can be tough if your only approach is PowerPoint presentations, office memos, and committee meetings. But if you retain the way your office eats, you could drastically change the overall mood of the company.

By working with corporate cafeteria companies that offer both pickup and drop off meals, you and your staff will finally have the foods onsite that you deserve. Here are three major benefits of corporate dining.

No more unhealthy foods
Rather than just serving the same boring lunch each day (presumably filled with carbs and grease), and watching your employees munch down on unhealthy chips and cookies, you should find some healthier food options. By working with healthy cafeteria service providers, you and your staff will enjoy a full service menu of tasty foods that changes every singe day. In addition to providing great food for the general workplace population, these cafeteria vendors also offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, as well as provide accommodations for anyone in your building with specific allergies.

No more hungry workers
Most studies show that less than 20% of the American workforce regularly takes a “real lunch break.” There are many factors as to why employees skimp out on lunch meals during the day: stress, no good time to eat, no good food options, etc. But when cafeteria service providers are taking care of the office’s meals, every employee will be able to walk down and get a great (and healthy) snack at any moment of the day. Rather than staring at the clock until it’s time for dinner, your employees will be much happier as they contemplate which new snack to try today.

More productive workers
When your employees stop eating unhealthy snacks and try better foods, their productivity will likely surge. Certain foods undoubtedly improve mental focus and can help your staff stay on task throughout the day and work much harder than before. Your employees will be able to better optimize their mornings once they can start their day with delicious and nutritious meals at work.

From a hearty breakfast with some wake-up coffee to a snack for the road, professional cafeteria service providers can completely change how you and your staff eat. For a much happier and healthier workplace environment, contact Justin’s Daily Cafe today.

Let Daily Fuel Cafes take the headache away of finding interesting, healthy meal choices for your employees.

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